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ninja vs samurai

Ninja vs Samurai

In this article, we'll analyze the differences and intersections between the Samurai and Ninja, adding depth to our understanding of these legendary figures.

ninja weapons

Ninja Weapons

For centuries, the Ninja have captured our imaginations with their shadowy arts and impressive weapon. Here is the full list of the ninja weapons.

how much is a real katana

How Much is a Real Katana

 In this post, we examine the variables that affect katana prices and offer advice on how to pick the best sword for your needs and budget.

how to display a katana

How To Display a Katana

Displaying a katana enhances your decor, blending aesthetics and tradition while paying homage to a rich cultural history.

famous katanas

Famous Katanas (Legendary Katanas)

This article will delve into the captivating world of the most famous katanas and where you can witness these symbols of the Samurai's spirit.

men yoroi

Men Yoroi

The Men-yoroi was an important part of the samurai's armor, and it helped to protect them in battle. In this blog post, we will see everything you need to know about these armors.