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White WakizashiWhite Wakizashi

White Wakizashi

Sale price$289.00
Blue WakizashiBlue Wakizashi

Blue Wakizashi

Sale price$299.00
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Black and Red WakizashiBlack and Red Wakizashi

Black and Red Wakizashi

Sale price$299.00 Regular price$349.00
Wolf WakizashiWolf Wakizashi

Wolf Wakizashi

Sale price$399.00
Black WakizashiBlack Wakizashi

Black Wakizashi

Sale price$389.00
Tactical WakizashiTactical Wakizashi

Tactical Wakizashi

Sale price$320.00
Bamboo WakizashiBamboo Wakizashi

Bamboo Wakizashi

Sale price$249.00
Carbon Steel WakizashiCarbon Steel Wakizashi

Carbon Steel Wakizashi

Sale price$229.00
Damascus Steel WakizashiDamascus Steel Wakizashi

Damascus Steel Wakizashi

Sale price$349.00
Long WakizashiLong Wakizashi

Long Wakizashi

Sale price$229.00
Muramasa WakizashiMuramasa Wakizashi

Muramasa Wakizashi

Sale price$349.00
Ronin WakizashiRonin Wakizashi

Ronin Wakizashi

Sale price$229.00
Sakura WakizashiSakura Wakizashi

Sakura Wakizashi

Sale price$399.00
T10 WakizashiT10 Wakizashi

T10 Wakizashi

Sale price$550.00
Shirasaya WakizashiShirasaya Wakizashi

Shirasaya Wakizashi

Sale price$389.00
Modern WakizashiModern Wakizashi

Modern Wakizashi

Sale price$219.00
Antique Japanese WakizashiAntique Japanese Wakizashi

Antique Japanese Wakizashi

Sale price$249.00
Black Blade WakizashiBlack Blade Wakizashi

Black Blade Wakizashi

Sale price$299.00
Combat WakizashiCombat Wakizashi

Combat Wakizashi

Sale price$299.00
Dragonfly WakizashiDragonfly Wakizashi

Dragonfly Wakizashi

Sale price$299.00
Edo Period WakizashiEdo Period Wakizashi

Edo Period Wakizashi

Sale price$299.00
Full Tang WakizashiFull Tang Wakizashi

Full Tang Wakizashi

Sale price$229.00
Ninja WakizashiNinja Wakizashi

Ninja Wakizashi

Sale price$349.00
WW2 WakizashiWW2 Wakizashi

WW2 Wakizashi

Sale price$299.00