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A kogatana is a small Japanese utility knife. It is a compact and versatile blade, often housed in a pocket on the side of the larger sword's scabbard.



The Kogarasu-Maru, affectionately known as "Little Crow," stands out in the realm of Japanese swords with its unusual "Kissaki Moroha Zukuri" blade design.

futuristic katanas

Futuristic Katanas

The futuristic katana, a visionary evolution of the traditional Japanese sword, is a concept that captures the imagination and fuels the narratives of both science fiction and fantasy.

katana without tsuba

Katana Without Tsuba

The Aikuchi style is characterized by its handguard-less design, which offers a different aesthetic and functional experience compared to traditional katanas.

zatoichi sword

Zatoichi Sword

Zatoichi, the fictional character from movies, is a blind, unbeatable swordsman. His weapon of choice? The Zatoichi Sword.

kodachi vs wakizashi differences

Kodachi Vs Wakizashi

Let's dive into a comparative study of the Kodachi and the Wakizashi, exploring the aesthetics, functionality, and the legacy of these remarkable swords.