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Katana fuchi

A katana fuchi is the metal cap that covers the handle of a Japanese sword. It serves both as a decorative element and as protection for the handle.

katana tsuba

Katana tsuba

 A tsuba is a handguard fitted to a Japanese sword. Tsuba were originally developed to protect the user's hand from accidental injury.


Seppa katana

The seppa on a katana are small metal discs that sit between the blade and the hilt, providing support and stability to the blade.



The katana habaki (blade collar sword) is a metal fitting that is attached to the base of the blade, just above the handle.



A sageo is a cord used to secure a Japanese sword (katana) to the belt (obi). It is usually made of silk or other strong, durable material.

katana saya

Katana saya

Katana saya are the scabbards that protect and store katana blades. Saya are typically made of wood, lacquer, and metal, and they come in a variety of sizes and styles.