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Discover everything about the Sasumata ((刺股), also known as "man-catchers", or "spear fork", a fascinating tool that originated in feudal Japan.

Do Samurai Still Exist

Do Samurai Still Exist

In this blog, we'll journey through the captivating saga of the samurai, their transformative epochs, and the traces they've left in the present world.

famous ninjas

Famous Ninjas

Discover the 11 Most Famous Shinobis of Feudal Japan. From Famous Real-Life Ninjas to Famous Ninjas from Japanese Folklore.

iaito sword


An Iaito (居合刀) is a Japanese practice sword that is primarily used for the training of Iaido and other traditional Japanese sword arts.

Tameshigiri bamboo


In this post, we're taking a deep dive into the enigmatic art of Tameshigiri, the venerable Japanese discipline of test cutting.

Goro Nyudo Masamune


Masamune was a Japanese blacksmith of the Kamakura era. Discover the incredible story of this legendary katana smith.