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men yoroi

Men Yoroi

The Men-yoroi was an important part of the samurai's armor, and it helped to protect them in battle. In this blog post, we will see everything you need to know about these armors.

famous samurai

Famous Samurais

Famous samurai were often known for their skills in swordsmanship and their loyalty to their masters. Here is a list of the most famous Samurais.



The Bushido code is a set of ethical principles that were followed by the samurai warriors of ancient Japan. The code includes values such as honor, loyalty, and courage.

most expensive katana

Most expensive katana

What is the most expensive katana? Discover everything you need to know about this legendary Japanese sword.

katana parts

Katana parts

The katana is a very complex weapon, and there are many different parts that make up the whole. Here is the ultimate guide of the katana.

katana same


Samegawa, also called "Same" or "Samehada" is the Japanese word for "shark skin". It is a popular material used in making katana handle