Katana Cleaning Kit

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katana cleaning kit wooden box

Wooden Storage Box

The kit begins with a beautifully crafted wooden storage box, perfect for safely storing your cleaning tools. It's compact and durable, making it ideal for travel and long-term use.

katana cleaning microfiber

Microfiber Cloth

The kit includes a premium quality microfiber cloth, uniquely designed to remove fingerprints and smudges from your katana's blade. Unlike traditional cloths, it won't scratch or damage the delicate surface of the blade, preserving its integrity and luster.

katana cleaning kit uchiko

Uchiko: The Traditional Blade Polisher

The Uchiko ball, filled with the finest quality stone powder, serves as an effective polisher for your sword. Gently tapping it against the blade distributes the powder, which can then be polished off, leaving a stunning shine that respects the traditional Japanese method of cleaning.

katana cleaning kit mekugi-nuki

Mekugi-Nuki: A Specialized Tool

In order to maintain your sword effectively, our Katana Cleaning Kit includes a Mekugi-Nuki. This tool is explicitly designed for safely removing the Mekugi without causing any damage to your katana, making the cleaning process smoother and safer.

The Essential Mekugi

In any Katana Cleaning Kit, the Mekugi are essential. These pegs, made from bamboo, are crucial in securing your katana's handle to the blade. Our kit contains two Mekugi, giving you a spare for those unexpected situations.

katana cleaning oil bottle

Empty Oil Bottle for Customized Care

Finally, our kit includes a small, empty bottle for oil of your choosing. For your katana to last as long as possible, the oil serves as a shield for your blade, preventing rust and corrosion. You have the freedom to select the preferred oil with this empty bottle, allowing you to customize the care to meet your unique demands.

How To Clean a Katana: Step by Step Guide

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