Deadpool Swords

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forgeHand forged sword

Katana sword

Blade material

Damascus steel

Blade color

Black | Silver

Blade sharp

Fully sharpened

Included in the box
katana draw

Hand-Forged Katana x2

cotton sword bag

Cotton sword bag

katana holster

Katana holster

katana icon

How the Deadpool Swords is forged

This iconic Japanese sword is traditionally forged using a meticulous and time-intensive process. The blade is typically made from a combination of iron sands and charcoal that has been smelted in a traditional furnace. The steel is then repeatedly heated, folded, and hammered to remove impurities and create a strong, durable blade with a sharp edge.

The resulting sword is not only a functional weapon, but also a work of art that embodies the rich cultural history of Japan.

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