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A kabutowari, also known as hachiwari, is often translated as "helmet breaker" or "skull breaker". This Japanese weapon was used by samurai as a side arm.



The ultimate guide to understand the mounting of traditional Japanese swords (Koshirae)

remove katana rust

Katana Rust

Our crucial tips for every sword owner to keep your katana rust-free, ensuring your katana remains in pristine condition for years to come.

Katana VS Samurai Sword

Katana VS Samurai Sword

In this article, we're slicing into a topic that's as sharp as the blades we admire – the differences and unique features of Katana vs. Samurai Swords.

katana with crossguard

Katana with Crossguard

Do katanas have crossguard? What is the difference with medieval sword's crossguard and Katana's crossguard? Find out in this blog post!

meteorite katana

Meteorite Katana

A meteorite sword is a type of blade forged from the iron found in meteorites that have fallen to Earth from space.