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What is katana kissaki

katana kissaki

The Katana kissaki (切先), referring to the sharp, pointed end of a Japanese sword blade, is an essential component contributing to the overall performance of the weapon. The quality of a katana kissaki dictates its sharpness, durability, and resistance to damage. A well-crafted kissaki ensures high functionality and endurance under extreme use, while a poorly constructed one may lead to dullness, damage, and could potentially compromise the sword's functionality.

As a vital element, the kissaki possesses attributes of both function and aesthetics. Slim and sharp by design, it's ideally suited for stabbing and thrusting maneuvers. Its enhanced strength at the tip minimizes the risk of breakage during impactful combat situations.

Aesthetically, the katana kissaki signifies the blade's pinnacle point and is often subject to particular attention from swordsmiths. It offers a canvas for various shapes and designs, enhancing the sword's visual appeal.

Functionally, the kissaki is honed for cutting and thrusting, often being the sharpest part of the blade like the ha. It can be effectively used in both close-quarters combat and long-range fighting.

The design of the kissaki is predominantly based on the swordsmith's preference, resulting in variations in its shape and size. However, one constant characteristic remains: its remarkable sharpness, making it a formidable tool in combat and self-defense situations.

Katana kissaki types

There are several katana kissaki types, each with their own distinct features. The chu-kissaki, kamasu-kissaki, and ikari-kissaki are among the most commonly observed styles. The rounded tips of the ko-kissaki, chu-kissaki, and o-kissaki styles distinguish them. The little tip is known as ko-kissaki, the middle tip as chu-kissaki, and the long tip as o-kissaki in these varieties.

These kissaki styles are predominantly used for thrusting attacks, their rounded design functioning to prevent the katana from getting lodged in an adversary's armor.

ko kissaki

The kamasu-kissaki is another common katana kissaki type, and is characterized by a pointed tip. This katana kissaki type is often used for slashing attacks, as the pointed tip can more easily penetrate an opponent's armor.

kamasu kisaki

The ikari-kissaki is a more rare katana kissaki type, and is characterized by a curved tip. This katana kissaki type is often used for both thrusting and slashing attacks, as the curved tip can help to increase the damage caused by either type of attack.

ikari kissaki

No matter which katana kissaki type you choose, make sure that it is sharpened properly and maintained regularly. A dull katana is much less effective in combat, no matter what its intended purpose may be.


  • The katana kissaki is the sharp, pointed end of a Japanese sword blade.
  • The quality of a katana kissaki determines its sharpness, durability, and resistance to damage.
  • The kissaki is designed for effective cutting and thrusting.
  • Different katana kissaki types exist, with the most common types being chu-kissaki, kamasu-kissaki, and ikari-kissaki.