Seppa katana


What is a seppa on a katana

katana seppa

The seppa on a katana are small metal discs that sit between the blade and the hilt, providing support and stability to the blade. There are usually two seppa on a katana, one on each side of the blade. The seppa help to keep the blade from twisting or bending, and they also add weight to the sword which helps to balance it. without seppa, a katana would not be able to function properly.

There are two main types of seppa: ichimonji seppa and mitsudome seppa. Ichimonji seppa have a straight, horizontal groove across their center, while mitsudome seppa have a curved groove that resembles a comma.

Seppa were an important part of the katana, serving both functional and decorative purposes. Seppa come in two main varieties, ichimonji and mitsudome, each with its own distinct features. No matter which type you choose, seppa make an excellent addition to any katana collection.

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