Men Yoroi

men yoroi

Traditional Japanese headgear known as a men-yoroi was worn by the samurai class. It featured a special design that allowed for effortless mobility and flexibility, and it was constructed from many layers of durable cloth. The Men-yoroi was a crucial component of the samurai's armor and served to keep them safe during combat. We will cover all the information you require regarding these armors in this blog article.


A yoroi is a type of traditional facial Japanese armor that was worn by the samurai class of ancient Japan. Also known as menpō (面頬) or mengu (面具), this samuraï face mask was made up of a series of interconnected plates of metal or leather, and it provided excellent protection against weapons such as swords and arrows. The yoroi was also quite comfortable to wear and was lighter than other helmets.

Today, the yoroi is no longer used in combat, but it remains an important part of Japanese culture and history. Many museums across Japan have collections of yoroi on display, and they are often used in ceremonial occasions such as weddings. The yoroi is also a popular subject for artists and sculptors, who create beautiful works of art that depict the strength and beauty of the samurai.

    Types of Men-yoroi

    Sōmen mask

    The sōmen samurai mask is a type of Japanese mask that was traditionally worn by samurai warriors. It covered the entire face and had two small holes for the eyes. The mask was used to protect the wearer's identity and to prevent their enemies from seeing their expressions. Samurai warriors would often wear these masks during battle or when they were on duty. The sōmen mask was also used in some Japanese festivals, such as the Bon festival, where people would wear them to ward off evil spirits.

    The sōmen samurai mask is a key part of Japanese culture and history. It is a reminder of the samurai warriors who fought for their country and protected its people. The mask is also a symbol of the strength, courage, and honor of the samurai. Today, the sōmen mask is still worn by some Japanese people, particularly during festivals or other special occasions. It is also a popular item among tourists who visit Japan.


    Menpo mask

    The Menpo is a facial armor which was commonly used by the samurai class of ancient Japan. It is thought to have originated in the 12th century, made out of iron plates. By the 14th century, the use of Menpo had become widespread among the samurai, as it was not only provided good protection for the face but also served as a symbol of status. The Menpo samurai mask was often decorated with clan symbols and other important designs.

    menpo mask


    The hanbō is a breastplate made of metal plates that cover the neck and chin of the samurai.



    The happuri is an open face armor. It was worn as part of a complete suit of armor known as a daimyo armor. This type of armor was usually only worn by the wealthiest members of society, as it was very expensive to produce.

    happuri mask

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