What is a mekugi

mekugi katana

Mekugi are small wooden pegs used to secure the handle of a katana in place. The mekugi is inserted through a hole in the tang of the blade and into the grip, holding everything together. Traditionally, there are two mekugi located on either side of the tang, but some swords will have only one.

Mekugi are usually made from either wood or bone, and are inserted into drilled holes in the katana's tang. The katana's blade is then passed through the Mekugi, which helps to secure the handle scales in place. There can be one or more Mekugi in a katana, depending on the sword's design.

Mekugi are an important part of the katana, as they help to keep the blade securely in place. Without Mekugi, the katana would be much more likely to come loose from its handle, which could be dangerous.

For those who own a katana, it is important to know how to properly care for the mekugi. Over time, the mekugi can become loose and fall out, which can cause serious damage to the sword. It is therefore advisable to check the mekugi periodically and tighten them if necessary.

How to remove a mekugi

If you need to remove a mekugi from your sword, it is important to do so carefully. Mekugi are small pins that hold the handle of the sword in place, and if they are not removed properly, they can damage the sword.

To remove a mekugi, start by finding a small, sharp object like a needle or a toothpick. Gently insert the sharp object into the mekugi hole and wiggle it around until the mekugi comes loose. Once the mekugi is loose, you can pull it out with your fingers.

If the mekugi is stuck, you can try heating up the area around the mekugi with a lighter. This will sometimes help to loosen the mekugi. Be careful not to heat the area for too long, as you don't want to damage the sword.

Once the mekugi is out, you can put a new one in place by gently tapping it into the hole with a mekugi hammer. Make sure that the new mekugi is snug in the hole, but don't hammer it in too tightly.

Removing a mekugi from a sword is a delicate process, but if you are careful, you can do it without damaging the sword. Just be patient and take your time, and you will be able to get the mekugi out safely.

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