Katana sori


What is katana sori

Katana sori refers to the curve of a katana blade. It is an important aspect of the sword's design, and affects the way the weapon is used.

The katana is a curved, single-edged sword traditionally used by the Japanese samurai. The katana's distinctive shape is achieved by combining two different types of steel in its construction. The edge of the blade is made from a harder steel, while the spine is made from a softer steel. This combination makes the katana extraordinarily strong and durable.

The katana's curve is created during the forging process, when the swordsmith bends the blade over a charcoal fire. The amount of bend varies depending on the desired effect. A more pronounced curve makes the katana better suited for slashing, while a less dramatic curve gives the sword more versatility in both cutting and thrusting.

Katana sori is an essential part of the katana's design, and contributes to its unique properties. It is important to consider the katana sori when shopping for a katana, as it can have a significant impact on the sword's performance.

How to measure katana sori

You can easily measure the sori by calculating the nagasa, then drawing a line perpendicular to the nagasa and adding it up. The addition of the nagasa + the imaginary perpendicular line gives you the katana sori.

NAGASA (1) + perpendicular line (2) = SORI

katana sori

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